Sonntag, 25. März 2007


Just arrived in Chaguaramas after a 45 NM sail from the north coast of Trinidad.
Yesterday evening we were going to the beach in Grande Riviere to see the massive turtles digging deep holes in the sand to lay their 70 - 120 tennis-ball-big eggs! An amazing moment. During laying the turtles are in a trance so they do not mind us watching or touching them.
We stayed out in the village for the night at some friends (Kevin and Larry) home. It was nice because the anchorage was super rolly. Grand Riviere is a crazy place in the middle of the Jungle. The swell on the beach was too big to land a dinghy so we had to make landfall some miles around the corner and than we hiked through the Rain Forest. A great adventure.
This morning we got up with the birds and were going to the woods to see the Pawi, an indigenous bird from Trinidad and very very rare! Thanks Carry, who is living with Kevin, and is doing a masters in biology about this bird. It was my first bird watching experience...very exciting! ;)
On our sail today it was raining almost the whole time with bad visibility but at least we got two big fish. One Great Trevally and one King Fish. The King Fish was longer then 4 foot!! one of our biggest fish ever.
Here in Chaguaramas we are only for getting some boat stuff and provisioning and I am hoping we are leaving Tuesday night for Grenada.

We forgot to mention that we went Scuba Diving in Tobago, off an island called Little Tobago before leaving and one of the largest coral brains in the world- very impressive! And rather alot of frisky sharks around. Ian Flemming (James Bond) build a beautiful house in an amazing location on Goat Island next to Little Tobago- a perfect spot for dreaming up crazy 007 adventures! Now its time for a Bloody Mary, relaxing and an early night...!
Em xx

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