Samstag, 24. März 2007

Arrived in Trinidad

hello all
At 0630 we set sail from beautiful Speyside, north east Tobago and arrived here at Grande Rivieré Bay north coast Trinidad at 1400. Its gorgeous, rugged, mountainous area covered in virgin rain forest (St David Forest Reserve). Its not an official anchorage here; its quite rolly so Dylen has had to go ashore to stop getting greener and greener from sickness! We are here to drop off Larry & Dylen who have been sailing with us for the last few days and also to see the huge Leather Back Turtles lying their eggs on the beach tonight!! We´ve already spotted a few as we sailed into the bay and, boy, they are huge - 5 to 7 feet! It hasnt stopped raining since we arrived here, I guess that´s why there´s such an expansive rain forest here.

Will head around to Chagaramas tomorrow...
Em xx

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