Samstag, 27. Januar 2007

Waiting For The Wind

Yesterday we motored during the daytime, with around 4-5 knots! Motoring is always annoying, because of the loud sounds in the boat. Just before sunset a little breeze was picking up and we had the chance to sail again. Since then we are sailing with 4-5 knots. Very slow and with this speed we will arrive in St. Helena 2-3 days later.
The evening sun brought us not only the little breeze but also a very nice fish, a Mahi-Mahi. Other names for this in my opinion best fish of the ocean are dorado and dolphin fish! His length is around 1.20 m and we have plenty of fish for the next days.

0750, 23° C, 80 cloud cover, Wind 7 knots from E-S-E, Course 311°, Speed 5 knots, 792 NM to St. Helena.

Menue, Yesterday, the 26.01.07
Breakfast: cereals with milk, coffee and tea
Lunch: Vegetable/Fish soup (with self canned fish from Madagascar)
Dinner: Pizza Salami
Evening snack: Pizza Salami


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