Dienstag, 30. Januar 2007

Fresh Bread

Axel made delicious brown bread yesterday morning, we still have lots of fresh fruit and veg thanks to our new fridge, we´v got good wind again,and all is well & good onboard!

Mondays menu:

Breaky: With the gorgeous smelling freshly baked bread we had fried eggs & cheese, followed by fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and Maple Syrup
Lunch: The last of the hearty fish & vegy soup
Dinner: fish strips in spicy bread crumbs

This morning at 0130 we crossed over the Greenwich Meridian - 000° so are now in the West Longitudes & our clocks are same as Greenwich Mean Time or as most people esp sailors say Universal Time (UTC).

Em xx

Got two fish, both too small to eat, one at night (I forgot to put the lure in). A very strange looking long (1m) and slender like an eel with long little needle teeth and a bright blue stripe on the side. who was it???


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