Mittwoch, 18. April 2007

Bye Bye Windward Islands....

After a beautiful week in St. Lucia with Susanne, Sid, Zoe, Siddy and Emily we left the Windward Islands and are on our way to the British Virgin Islands. 300 NM to go. We should arrive there on Saturday.

Yes we had a fun week with the family - 4 days at the beautiful Pitons (unique volcanic cones - a World Heritage Site) and then all aboard for a nice sail to Rodney Bay for a 3 day stay there. All the kids made excellent crew altho´ Siddy and Emily slept alot but Zoe was busy for the whole trip pulling & coiling ropes, blowing the boat horn (giant Conch shell) and making a Scoubidoo ankle chain! We were able to anchor Freefall off the beach at both hotels so it was easy to get to and from the boat for onboard breakfasts, sundowners and BBQs. As the week progressed the kids gradually got use to Freefall and in the end Zoe and Siddy were happy to jump from the yacht into the sea. Both even climbed 1/2 mast! Future sailors in the making!

Axel and I had a trip into the mountains and did a hike through a beautiful rainforest. We stayed one extra night in St Lucia to get the boat ready for sailing and to have a final night out in the YC with our friends from the Bequia Regatta. They´re all heading to Antigua Sailing Week so best of luck to them.

And we´ve recently learnt that our friends on Eagle Wing, Petrell, La Familia, Cisnecito and Pamina are not far behind us (Tobago Cays etc) but we will not get to see them (boohoo!) again as they (ex La F) head for Antigua Sailing Week to race Cisnecito! Its a pity we miss the fun and reunion at ASW but Cuba is calling so we´re fast-tracking to there...

Em xx & Axel

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