Freitag, 9. Februar 2007

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Hi all
Early this morning we sailed across longitude 16°15´ West, which is the same longitude as Santa Cruz, Tenerife, where I began my circumnavigation 3 years and 6 weeks ago, on Up Spirits!! I´ve been sailing on Freefall since joining Axel and Andy in Bora Bora in the Pacific, Sept 2004. Now I´ve crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans and now we´re 2/3 the way across the Atlantic again; I have circumnavigated the world - Yipppeee!!!

What an amazing adventure this trip has been; full to the brim of so many surprises, delights, highs & lows, survival & discovery, crazy & new experiences, different & ancient cultures & tribes, fun & adventurous people, excellent fishing, amazing far-away places & remote islands, lovely & challenging sailing, high seas romance ;-), lots & lots of fun times and very very fond memories. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

A huge thanks to all my family for their endless support and encouragement during my trip.

We´re saving the bottle of bubbly for when we make landfall in Brazil...
Em x

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